Real Estate

Our real estate practice includes both property conveyance and real estate development activities.

Fischer & Schickendantz has Uruguay’s leading real estate acquisition advisory team, composed of a team of bilingual conveyance attorneys (known in Uruguay as escribanos). We assist hundreds of foreign nationals and companies every year in properly structuring property purchases, conducting title searches, due diligence on the target properties, and ultimately ensuring the obtaining of a clean title. Our professionals understand the considerations that a foreign buyer should have regarding estate laws, tax implications, and ownership options. We walk every client through these issues, to ensure that their ownership goals are met in accordance with their home country’s regulation, when necessary.

We structure and advise in the acquisition of residential and commercial real estate throughout all of Uruguay, from condominium units in cities such as Montevideo, Punta del Este and Colonia, to undeveloped beachfront in Rocha. In farmland purchases, we handle dozens of transactions annually, throughout all of Uruguay’s 19 provinces.

The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The New York Times, among others, have consistently pointed out our firm’s expertise and knowledge in real estate law, and regularly interview our partners as advisors to foreign buyers of properties in Uruguay. Please visit the Press section of our website for a selection of news articles. Fischer & Schickendantz is the law firm of choice for the world’s leading title insurers: First American Title Insurance Corp., Fidelity Title Insurance and Stewart Title Guaranty.

In real estate development, Fischer & Schickendantz is a leading advisor to real estate developers, both local and international. Our partners have experience in the development of major commercial ventures such as Uruguay’s main shopping malls, as well as in setting up investment structures to build residential projects in Uruguay’s main cities. In the increasingly growing segment of closed communities with amenities, the firm is the advisor to many pioneering projects of this kind in the Punta del Este area, Rocha, and in Colonia. We are also a leading advisor to developers in Montevideo, including foreign companies that are recycling the city’s colonial downtown district, among them, the largest project in the historic district, Apart 356 (

Our services include:
  • Property conveyance
  • Title search
  • Title opinions for insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Pledges
  • Tax advice on ownership options
  • Estate and inheritance laws advice according to ownership options
  • Construction and development agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • National and municipal permits
  • Zoning regulation
  • Environmental regulation