Litigation & Arbitration

Fischer & Schickendantz’s Litigation’s partners have a reputation for handling large, complex business disputes. Backed by a team of professionals with experience in different areas, and with the support of academic counsel experts, the firm handles litigation, both in Uruguay and off-shore in commercial, contractual, bankruptcy, civil, anti-trust and tax matters. Among many recognitions, Fischer & Schickendantz’s litigation team obtained the first ruling by a Uruguayan court on international lis pendens in 2013, a leading case on behalf of a Fortune 100 corporation, and a significant landmark on behalf of foreign investment in a complex distribution agreement case.

In arbitration, our litigation team members have acted in some of Uruguay’s most important arbitration processes (involving infrastructure projects), and the experience extends beyond borders: our main litigators have past and current multi-million dollar engagements in arbitration processes locally and in foreign venues including London providing both local support in cross-border arbitration and engagement in complex cases.

The local litigation experience also includes comprehensive commercial and labor-related litigation, in both pre-trial and trial stages. Being an advisor to large clients with hundreds of employees, Fischer & Schickendantz understands the complexities, recurrence and defense necessities in courts across the whole country.

Promotion Law # 16.909, which establishes that investments of any size are eligible for exemptions on Corporate Income Tax (up to 100% of the amount invested), Value Added Tax on goods purchased, and Asset Tax. In order to obtain the benefits, the investor must file a plan before a committee within the Finance Ministry (known as COMAP), which studies the project and grants the tax breaks based on the impact on certain factors, mainly: the creation of new jobs, the generation of exports, the incorporation of new technology, and the use of clean energy. Our firm assists both local and foreign clients in preparing the investment plan and tax-exemption request, and the subsequent follow-up and reporting of investments executed.

Our services include:
  • Pre-trial and trial litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Labor litigation
  • Anti-competitive practices litigation
  • Torts
  • Cross-border litigation
  • International law: execution of measures adopted in a foreign jurisdiction
  • Arbitration