Company Incorporation / Offshore Corporations

Fischer & Schickendantz’s Incorporation department undertakes the incorporation of local and foreign entities alike, for both local and foreign clients. Depending on the client’s needs, whether a corporation is needed to purchase an asset in Uruguay, develop a business activity in the country or hold assets offshore, our team will incorporate a customized vehicle or provide a readily-formed one.

Foreign and local companies can both act in Uruguay doing business and owning assets, and one may present tax advantages over the other, depending on the purpose and activity of the company. Our firm assists clients in making the decision on the vehicle of choice, and proceeds to incorporate it. Our firm’s staff includes tax experts and accountants, who assist client companies not only on the setup of a company, but also provide the follow-up ongoing annual maintenance, bookkeeping and permanent tax advice.

Uruguay is known as a reputable offshore jurisdiction, and thus, Uruguayan companies (Sociedades Anonimas, or SAs) are popular vehicles to hold foreign assets or conduct overseas business. In addition, the country boasts a dozen tax-free trade zones (Zonas Francas), that is, geographic areas where there is zero taxation on the services provided and goods sold from within such areas.

Hundreds of global and regional corporations have set up operations in Uruguay’s tax-free zones, to take advantage of this beneficial tax system and Uruguay’s qualified workforce. Our firm helps incorporate companies to operate in the tax-free-zones, and provides the ongoing tax, accounting and regulatory filing advice.

Our services include:
  • Local company incorporation
  • Tax-Free Trade Zone company incorporation
  • Assistance with business-plan drafting for Tax-Free Trade Zone company permit
  • Overseas company incorporation and local registration
  • Permanent tax, accounting and bookkeeping
  • Comprehensive tax advice
  • Double-taxation advice
  • Local and non-local labor hiring
  • Banking advice for operations

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You may download our presentation on Uruguay Free Trade Zones by clicking here