Agribusiness & Farmland Investment

Uruguay has seen exponential growth in the agribusiness sector: the country´s planted area has grown more than tenfold since 2003; and five per cent of global beef exports originate in Uruguay, which has some of the most modernly processed and highest valued beef, internationally. Recognizing the importance of this sector, and its attractiveness for foreign investors, Fischer & Schickendantz developed a farmland investment advisory unit ( which allows the firm to give comprehensive advice in setting up farmland operations.

We engage in dozens of farmland purchase operations every year, for individual and institutional clients from different continents. Our tasks may be restricted to structuring the purchase of land, or may be extended to assisting in finding the proper land, evaluating alternatives, incorporating the ownership vehicle, and setting up the operation of the business, both contractually and in recruiting the proper staff or service providers.

Distinguished companies such as British-owned Breeders & Packers Uruguay SA the continent´s most modern meat processing plant have chosen our firm as their general, legal advisors, on all fields. Zamin Ferrous, the investor engaged in the development and construction of an iron-ore mine and port (the country´s largest foreign investment project in its history) engaged our firm to assist in acquiring land for the project, and related advice. Dozens of syndicated and institutional investors in agricultural and livestock breeding operations rely, on an ongoing basis, on our support and expertise.

Our services include:
  • Structuring the purchase and sale of farmland
  • Set-up of ownership structures and corporate vehicles
  • Search and identification of purchase targets
  • Negotiation of purchase terms
  • Agricultural agreements
  • Lease agreements on land parcels
  • Service provider and third-party outsourcing
  • Comprehensive tax advice
  • Double-taxation advice for foreign investors
  • Employment of staff

You may download our presentation on farmland investing in Uruguay by clicking here