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    February | 2018

  • Argentina and Uruguay sign a deal for improving fluvial cargo transport

    Dutch firm Royal Boskalis Westminster signed a USD 128 million contract with the bi-national (Uruguay and and Argentine) authority for the maintenance and dredging of the Martín García channel, located between both countries, on the River Plate, close to the main regional ports. The Martín García channel is the main access channel to Uruguay's second largest port, Nueva Palmira, as well as to the Uruguay river. The main objective of the dredging program is to deepen the channel and subsequently maintain a depth of 34 feet over the contract period. The channel is a crucial exit route of Uruguay’s exports.

  • January | 2018

  • USD $1 Billion Railway Tender & USD $4 Billion Pulp Mill Construction by UPM (Finland)

    Uruguay’s government launched a USD $1 billion tender for the financing, design, construction and operation of a 273 km-long railway between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros, where Finland's UPM is set to build a USD $4 billion pulp mill. The operator will be awarded a 22-year contract, which shall be undertaken under a 3P (Public Private Participation) model. The public tender will be open to national and international companies and the bidders will establish the financing conditions. The deadline to submit bids is April 9, 2018.
    In connection with this infrastructure project, Uruguay’s government has agreed with Finland’s UPM on the conditions for the installation of the company’s second pulp mill in the country (a USD $4 billion investment). With this investment, Uruguay’s forestry sector will likely see a new boom (Uruguay is one of the leading exporters of short-fibre pulp, produced from eucalyptus). For a description of Uruguay’s forestry sector, see:

  • December | 2017

  • Uruguay’s parliament passed a new “Irrigation Law” that seeks to facilitate building and financing of irrigation projects

    Uruguay’s agricultural sector saw steep growth in the last 15 years (crop area increased tenfold, and Uruguay is one of the globe’s top exporters of soybeans today). The challenge for farmers lies in increasing crop yields through irrigation (which is not widespread, as the country relies mostly on its steady rainfall year round). The law establishes new, flexible methods for farmers to form joint ventures for irrigation projects; it also facilitates schemes for passive investors to finance projects; and it confirms the tax breaks granted under general tax exemption regulations.